Pharmaceutical Sachet
Pharmaceutical sachets are nutraceutical and pharmaceutical medicines in the form of powder and granules. We have in our range ORS, vitamin supplements and many other supplements. 
Pharmaceutical Ointment
If you have sensitive teeth or have a fungal infection of skin, then you might have to taken medicines as well as apply pharmaceutical ointments. Our company supplies ointments in the form of cream and gel. 
Protein Powder

Get in touch with us to buy protein powder in different flavours, like chocolate and orange. Based on the protein requirement of body, people must take additional nutrition.
Vaginal Wash

G-clean is a lactic vaginal wash that can be used by young girls to elderly women. It is a soap free formulation that is suitable for all types of skin. It is gentle on skin and ensures gentle cleaning. 

Liquid Mouthwash
Fistrin is a liquid mouthwash presented in a handy, plastic bottle. The portable mouthwash can be taken to anywhere you go and maintain your oral health while on the go. It is meant for deep cleansing and fresh breath. 
Hair Shampoo
Ketzol hair shampoo in the offering is an anti-dandruff shampoo that provides relief from symptoms associated with dandruff, such as scaling, flaking and itching.
Liquid Mouthwash
Bath Soap
Our company supplies Ketoconazole And Glycerine bath soap in the market. This is a medicated soap that can prevent fungal infection. Rub the soap on wet body and leave the lather for five minutes before rinsing it off. 

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